Sunday, May 14, 2017

We Love Our Mom!

This poorly formatted Mothers Day entry is dedicated to the most amazing and wonderful woman to ever embrace 80’s aerobics!

 Lorenne Elizabeth Briner Evans!

From Rob

Ren, I want you to know how unbelievable I think you are. We have been through a lot together and you have always had a fantastic perspective and attitude. Here are just a few of the highlights of what you have done as a wife and mother.

Made beautiful home for us to live in- especially the amazing front door!

Weekly Temple visits


Taught us how to boogie! 

Made holidays fun

Taught us to love

Organized fantastic family outings and vacations

Made sure your hubby got needed exercise on hikes

Gave birth to 6 incredibly amazing kids!

I Love You!

From MK

Mother Dear,
Because it is the year 2017 and there will never be a 2017 Mother’s Day again, I am going to give you a once in a lifetime chance to list 17 reasons why I love/am so grateful for you…
1.     Strongest person I know (not physically, but every other measure;)
2.     Always striving to learn and be better (growth mindset.)
3.     Never has to be the center of attention.
4.     You give me great advice and your full support in my decisions. 
5.     You are a great example of humility (you recognize you don’t know how to handle every situation thrown at you so you seek out those better acquainted or who have more knowledge in those areas and you learn from them.) 
6.     My go to when I need to talk to someone about serious matters. 
7.     You take your time to look your best, but aren’t “obsessed” over it. 
8.     You don’t want/wallow for pity. You work to figure out solutions to your own problems. 
9.     You take your time to make sure you are healthy, setting a great example.
10. You always look to the Lord and listen to the spirit.
11. You never let “hard thing” dictate how the rest of your life is going to be. You get through them, and then move on the best you can with a new experience under your belt. 
12. You have gotten way past wasting energy on worrying what other’s think of you. 
13. I know your friends think of you as very trustworthy and someone they can always talk too and rely on. 
14. For being a great teacher.
15. You don’t try to hide your emotions, aren’t ever fake and pretend like everything is fine when it isn’t. 
16.  For not only teaching, but also being an example of how to apply the gospel and value the right things in life. 
17. The last, but not least reason, and the reason why I chose this picture, is because you have a serious personality and are an introvert trying to survive in a extravert family, but you make it work. And moments we get too see you spaz out, like this picture shows, like everyone else does all day every day, is always a memory I remember with a smile and a laugh. 

I love you! 
Your Eldest, MK

From Mia


You are my rock. My rock I tell you. I can’t tell you how strong you have made me in all aspects of my life. Mentally you have taught me that I can do anything I want to do. You supported me in anything I chose to do (still do) and you are always involved. You have taught me how to work, to keep busy, and to be creative and come up with things on my own. You have taught me how to think in ways I really appreciate. Thinking in ways that make me see the bigger picture or take things more realistically so I am not blinded by things that happen in life. You’ve taught me to get good grades in school, to keep high standards, to be the best and I can be and never cheat myself. 

Spiritually you have taught me that the gospel should be the center of our life. You have been the number one example to me of that. You are strong in your callings, in the home, and outside of those. You continually strive to grow and become better and I love that about you. I love that you never stop or think you have gotten to the point of knowing all things. You continue to read new books and find new information. Everything we do in the home is based off the gospel which is the most important. I love that we are constantly reminded of that. You have been the base of my testimony at times when I wasn’t to strong on my own. I look up to you in so many ways especially in that area. It’s truly incredible how close you are to the lord. I hope I can be like you one day especially if (or should I say when…) I go through a tragedy that I will be able to hang tight to the gospel like you and get through it healthy like you and while sticking to the gospel. 

Physically you have taught me to keep healthy. You always have healthy food which was awesome so we could grow to like it and then as I grew up I don’t dislike healthy food which I appreciate. You also taught me how to keep healthy with exercising. I can’t even tell you how much I love that you work out and all the fun things you do with it. One of my most favorite things ever of you is when you are pregnant or don’t have a gym to go to, you will workout at home and work HARD. I remember when I was a kid you would workout and I thought you were so cool. I honestly remember it. I remember aerobics and you killing it there, and then now you going on walks, hikes, biking, and even working out at the gym with me. I am so lucky to have you be that example and person to do these activities with!

All of that aside, you as an individual I love. You have qualities that I truly admire. Some of which I have already talked about but some others I would have to say would be your dang cute style. You are the hottest mom in 2017 that I know of!! Seriously I get tons of comments from my friends saying you are cute and you dress so good haha! I also love that you DO EVERYTHING. You are at all of our games/events. Every. Single. One. And on top of that you are cleaning, running errands, setting up appointments, driving carpools, etc. Your list never ends and that is why I and the rest of the fam APPRECIATE YOU MORE THAN LIFE! You are beautiful, loving and always ready to listen/give us the best advice, hard hard hard working, always want the best for us, people respect you (I admire that a lot about you), disciplined, extremely honest and never lie, you have confidence in yourself and I simply love you. 

Sorry for the novel but I wanted to make sure you knew how I truly felt about you and just one paragraph wasn’t going to cut it. Even this doesn’t cut it. I could honestly keep going. Thank you for everything. For never leaving my side, always doing what was best for me, supporting me and most of all loving me through all of my dark times. I don’t know where I would be without you and I am so happy that we have grown so close lately. You mean the world to me and I hope this gives you a glimpse of the love and joy you bring to me and my life. 
Love, Mia Bomb

 From Getty

Lorenne is the head chef at the Evans residence. You can ask her to make just about anything and it'll be made hot and ready quicker than you can say “ that smells good!”  One of my personal favorites is the navaho taco special. Texas roles stretched out and fried to a crispy golden brown plate. On the plate goes meat, beans, salsa, tomatoes, lettuce avocados sour cream just about anything that sounds good! She always fills the kitchen with a smell that will make a full sumach starving. She always puts love and passion behind hind everything she does, weather that be raising her children, fulfilling a calling or cooking up a tasty dinner for the family she always give it all her best effort.
So consider yourself lucky if you find yourself at the Evans near dinner.

From Cy

What I love about mom

I love how she is always so sympathetic and very encouraging. She always has a good attitude about hard things that are going on or she wants to have one. She always says the nicest things and wants you to feel good. She is a very tough woman that has gone through a lot and is still a great mother and never wants to be mad or sad around anyone because she cares about other people's feeling and doesn't want to hurt them. She is always other people about her and she will never let you down on a promise she gives you!


I like this picture because it shows how fun she is

From Cam

I love that mom does momma Monday’s with us. She takes time off of her day, just to spend time with us, and is ready to talk about anything. Whenever I ask to do it, she usually is down for it. When we go out to do it, I really feel loved because she will always listen, and won’t judge (mostly because she’s a mom;) ).  Also if she just barley ate, she will think of us before her, and we’ll go out for more food! It’s also a good bonding experience because if I want to be alone to talk, we will just do a one on one. If I want Cy to come, mom will say, “It’s your decision.” Which is really nice, even if she feels like she wants it to be her and I. I guess what I’m trying to say, is that she thinks of us before her, and knows to listen even if it’s the most boring thing ever.

I like this picture because it makes me know she loves me, and she's very huggable.

From Elle

I cant wait to see you again so we dance to Justin Bieber together- I LOVE YOU

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