Friday, June 8, 2018

MK's New Home!

And MK's most regular visitor, Oveth

MK even arranged to have a new kitchen finished so she could rent out the basement, but it rented before I got a pic of the new kitchen part... 

Then she and Mia decorated...

MK's bed

Mia's bed
 I love that those two are best friends, 
even when they live together, ha

Mia's vision board above the mirror

and there's MK's vision board in the closet...

So proud of our bonified home owner!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Valentine's, 2018 (in May, still so far behind...)

My Valentine in NY Times Square

Early Valentine's dinner. 
Rob's trying out a Paleo diet, so he orders what he wishes he could eat and wants to watch me eat it....

Cam wrote...

Last Valentine class party 😢 Cam asked for a switcharoo—I taped his red velvet KitKats to his class Valentines while he unwrapped Hershey Hugs for my cookies... 

The highlight of elementary school! The 6th Grade Valentines Dance. 

Cam has a way with the ladies...

You can understand why I took a bazillion pictures, right? 😍😭

Girl's choice... 💘

We topped off the day with our Italian Dinner with Fire.
Cy is such a goof...

One of the kids (no one confessed) drank FOUR bottles of Martinellis, so our hero (aka Dad) poured some chocolate milk mix into our gallon of milk. 
No let down there.