Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Basketball and Baptisms

"Themple Thursdays"
#hartssnacksafterward 👌

with Jonah and Luke W.

(Luke [far right] is not the dad, haha)

Cy was ranked 1st on his team for points; 7th in Youngblood league 🙌🙌🙌

(Rob's at the scoreboard)


His signature dance moves, shirtless of course

Adventures in sewing...


Cy was invited to be a guest player in a National tournament in Portland, Rob's old mission.


Catching up with Peter Howland, a man Rob baptized on his mission.

Pecan pie
Pizza pie

The 2nd game of the tournament, our team got blown out. One of the dads on our team sat near the opposing team's bench and heard the coach say about Cy (#24), "Don't sweat him." By halftime the opposing team's players were telling the coach, "Number 24's a baller." A few minutes later, that coach called a timeout and chewed out his players, "If I could pick anyone to have on my team I'd start with #24!" ✊😄

 This is the #3 ranked National 8th Grade team...
The shortest guy is 5'10". The tallest is 6'7".  
8th graders!

Bantam league champs
Luke, Luke, Cameron, Kobe, Britton
Cy, Jonah, Aaron

They got Jimmered at this 3 on 3 tournament with 2nd place

I should also probably mention, our saddlebag- cheeked baby boy has got a mustache...


Saturday, July 22, 2017


Mahdi at 14 years old

... and before his amputation at 19 years old

Checking in for Mahdi's surgeries

And more surgeries...

But we still manage to have fun

Favorite pastime: Photo shoots with Ali

After a year with us, we decided it would be best if Mahdi became more independent. He's very smart and capable, and his living situation in our home was holding him back. He moved out a few weeks ago, but we hope and plan to still play a big part in his life. 

Mahdi has taught me so much: 
1. To have fun
2. To communicate
3. Healthy boundaries
4. How to be comfortable living with guests (introverted as I am)
5. To express love often
6. To treasure the people in your life

Love you, Mahdi 💗

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Getty! 2017

Ahhh Getty, as cute as ever

Broke his finger playing football at the residential center.

After about 10 weeks in treatment, he earned a trip to Moab with a few residents and a couple of therapists. He had been chewing through his shirts to get out of that center for even a few minutes.

Meditation—his main form of entertainment these days. That, reading, and push ups. Reading! (He's sitting on The Four Agreements.)

He also got to come home for the first time after 83 days in residential treatment for Easter morning

Back together after five months 💪

Listening intently to church speakers...

See how I watch them out of the corner of my eye?...😂😎🙏

In May, Getty ran away from the center and got into more trouble than I thought possible in less than 24 hours before he (and 2 others) were picked up by the police. He was sent back to treatment and lost all home visits and other privileges. 

In June, Rob and I were called in for a special meeting with the director of the treatment center. Getty was on the verge of being "referred out." He was hopeless. Had stopped trying. Just biding his time. Something needed to change. We suggested a fresh start... and a haircut to signify the change? "I'll do it." ... ha, I rushed him out the door to Sports Clips before he could give it a second thought 😉

We called it Getty's "Sunshine" hair....

Oh man.

Things are looking better already.