Thursday, November 9, 2017

Summer's Last Stand

"Big Girl" Getaway to Park City
Lunch at Sundance.

Laying out poolside.
Hiking. Shopping at the outlets. Can't missπŸ‘Œ

My other sister invited us to go boating, which Cy described as, "The best day I've ever had boating."

Cam! The stud...

Rob made it look easy...

Then got a little ambitious...πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

Getty was in his element

I stayed in the boat—it's Frigophobia! 
(fear of being cold, haha) I couldn't have enjoyed the day more anyway 🌞


Piper has a crush on the Getster...

We headed for Jordanelle then ended up at Echo reservoir to escape the rainstorms. Turned out perfect!

Rob dancing to Odesza

"Best idea ever to bring my robe." Getty in full on glamour chill...

And I've got to mention the eclipse! I went outside in our yard with Cam and his friends as everything went a few shades darker and noticeably colder. The shadows from the trees shook. It was a sacred moment.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Cam is a Young Man

Friend Party! πŸŽ‰


Lowe's Xtreme Airsports

Cam was ordained a Deacon and is now officially a member of the Themple Thursday club πŸ’¦

Random shenanigans...

Cam killing the Ninja course at Lowe's

Variations on the "Dab"...


Two months after Elle's deathπŸ‘‡ You can see it in his eyes 😭 

The cutest little girls crushin' on Cam...

12 Things I Love About Cam
1. He's mature. He was an old man right out of the womb.

2. With two knucklehead older brothers, he's learned to hold his own and assert himself

3. He's my eyes and ears when I'm not around, much to the chagrin of said knucklehead older brothers ;)
4. He's the first to do his chores and does them thoroughly (unheard of!!)
5. He has a gift for organization (I like to take credit for that one :)
6. He's tender hearted but doesn't want to burden others with his feelings

7. He'll still have a sleepover with me when Rob's out of town
8. He'll let me practice ping pong with him without keeping score to spare me the humiliation
9. He's the only one who will play Bananagrams and Nertz with me without too much harassment on my part
10. He's the Slime master and has created about 17 different versions of slime

11. He loves to bake for neighbors and his classmates (and thankfully Mrs. D lets that slide by the no-bake policy)

12. His nemesis is boredom exacerbated by high expectations and impatience (oh, but this is a list of things I love about him, haha). He just asked Cy when he'll be done with the laptop so he can do his homework, and Cy answered "In about 40 minutes." Cam said to his phone, "Set timer for a billion minutes."

Love you, Sweet Boy!!! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ’—