Saturday, September 30, 2017

Newport 2017 with Cousins

So, this all happened back in July, and it is now late September. Not sure I have any commentary to offer, since my peri-menopausal fog brain is a fact... 
Ummm... this is a very cute picture. Looks like we're at the beach, haha...

This is how Cy skim boards...

Is this even Getty? πŸ‘‡It doesn't look like him to me. I was taking pictures of random people?

Rob standing at his post, coaching as usual πŸ‘

Me and my niece decided we'd better do some girl stuff while the guys all watched the ultimate hot dog eating contest for an hour and a half...
We messed around with make-up and did a "Homecoming" prep tutorial for back-to-school.

Studly... in the flesh

Knott's Berry Farm

The Cousins: 6 vs 1

No one can ever do this...

...except Getty, of course

Dinner in one night

Rob was so happy to grill up this awesome platter, and we would wake up every morning to eggs and bacon and yogurt parfaits made to order for all 11 of us.

I don't deserve him 😍

Our back deck had an awesome view of the bay and fireworks on the Fourth

Road trip home...

Thursday, September 21, 2017

The former Orem asst. city manager and his wife

(My dad way back when.. )
On my dad's Angel Day, July 29th, we listened to him tell some of his life stories my mom recorded on tape. Wow, I miss his voice. And my mom couldn't stop giggling throughout the interview. She was so in love with him.

Then we ate stacks of Oreos in his honor. (And should have watched boxing all night.)

And another stack... it's for Dad! πŸ˜‹

Mom, aka Granny

Granny has been both Mom and Dad to us six kids for the last 16 years. She is open, genuine, and admires every one of her kids and grandkids waaaay more than we deserve.
Grandpa Doug is the perfect companion 
for her at this stage in life 😍

Saturday, September 16, 2017

27th Anniversary Rob + Ren

... or Robenne if you like...ha

Still going strong with the summer hikes (Alpine Summit to Elk CampπŸ‘†). Rob hugged me in the kitchen after a Saturday hike, apologizing and groaning, "I feel so bad that we didn't start these hikes years ago!"

 Leave it to Rob to find something to feel guilty about πŸ˜‚
Tibble Fork

Grotto Falls
and Payson Lakes

Summit Trail Loop

It's how we cope. On thisπŸ‘‡ afternoon, we had gotten more bad news about one of our kids and ran away together to the woods and hoped to get lost and not come back until our life was magically awesome.

Bon Jovi throw-back to the year we were married:

For our 27th anniversary, I got Rob THE best present I've given him in the history of our entire marriage.

Dun dun dun...

 Let me explain...

Rob sleeps in unconventional places...

 (knees on the floor, face down on the couch)

(frequently on the floor)

95% of nights, he goes to sleep on the bed sideways...

He always wants our windows and doors open on summer nights and loves to sleep outside in the hammock.

And he likes lots of pillows...

(Mia's a good sleeper, too)

So now I've got to figure a way to coax him back to bed with me...

I'm sure I can think of something πŸ˜‰